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Project: ENTER – Adult Educational Development for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities

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Focus groups of the project: Migrants with Turkish and BKS background and ethnic minorities (Roma) of the age of 40+ with a low level of education and/or limited access to adult education programs.

Objectives: To raise the awareness and motivation to attend such programs, to mitigate social conflicts within the communities focus group people live in, to facilitate access to communication and intergenerational learning by means of new technology.

Proposed outcomes:

  • State-of-the-Art Report concerning the learning situation and behaviour of the focus groups
  • Needs analysis as a basis for the selection of 10 modules of  two-months duration (2 per partner) from the fields of personal development, sports & health, ICT and arts & handicrafts.
  • Curricula: To be established for the selected modules
  • Handbook: Guidelines for stakeholders and trainers have to be elaborated in order to facilitate the organisation of the modules.

Partners :

  • Verein Multikulturell, Austria
  • IEIE – International Education Information Exchange e.V., Germany
  • ANNWIN – Center for Support and Development of Human Potential, Slovakia
  • Asociatia Nationala a Universitatilor Populare – ANUP-International, Romania
  • ELELE – Migrations et Cultures de Turquie, France
  • Volkshochschule Tirol, Austria

Impressions about the piloting

  • Participants were very satisfied about the course, they never imagined that they could attend it, that the computer is such a friendly environment. They were afraid till they managed to handle the mouse and understand  the orders of the buttons.
  • There was a high motivation for attending all the 8 provided sessions.
  • Sometimes they asked for comments regarding the questions.
  • “This course opened  to me a whole world”. ( Constanta, 53 years old )
  • “From now one I do not ask my nephew to show me at the computer how to find out an information”. (Atena 52 years old )
  • “I told my husband that he can follow some courses to change his profession , because the jobs in constuction are no more available in this time of  economic crisis”, said Nicoleta (46 years old). 

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