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What is SuN.Com?

The SuN. Com(munity) is an European Union, funded, education project for language educators.

What SuN.Com will produce

SuN.Com will build sustainable social communities that will share and support teachers and learners of individual languages. Each community will be devoted to a single language.

The communities will specifically focus on informal learning methodologies. (Wikipedia definition Informal learning).

This highly innovative project will build a replicable methodology for sustainable, online social networks for informal language learning.The communities will include:

  • A Community of Learning, for learners of foreign languages and native speakers who are learning a foreign language.
  • A Community of Practice for teachers of foreign language.

The social networking communities will utilise peer and tandem informal teaching methods and blended learning.

Project phases

The first community the project will construct will be for the informal learning of Greek and will include innovative teaching and learning methodologies. This community will be used for piloting the project concepts and ideas and will be tested with students learning Greek, native Greek speakers learning a foreign language and Greek language teachers.

If you are a present or future student or teacher of Greek we invite you to write to us with your interest. As the project develops you can then join the community and help pilot the resources and contribute to the project. Please contact the project to indicate your interest, by clicking here.

Later the tested ideas and methodology will be used to build similar communities for Italian, Albanian, Latvian, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech and English.

You can also join the initial SuN.Com community on Facebook, for news and updates of progress.

Link at the following address:

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